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Previous Events 

Nathan's Butterflies events are born from the desire to spread kindness throughout the community, stemming from the founder, Ben's, personal journey of coping with the loss of his little brother, Nathan. Ben's own experience of "feeling good" through acts of kindness became his six-year-old attempt at grief therapy. These events are a testament to the notion that children often perceive needs that adults may overlook. At Nathan's Butterflies, children provide the ideas, and their voices are heard and valued. Through their creativity and compassion, these events serve as a beacon of light amidst grief, fostering a community united in spreading love and kindness.

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Won't You Be My Neighbor

Nathan’s Butterflies participated in an annual event on Mr. Roger’s Birthday on March 20th at the Vestal Public Library, to remember his legacy of kindness. “Dolly’s Kindness Journey” a story about Dolly the Doodle Dog and pals on a playful journey with options to emphasize kindness and empathy was read to children and parents. A kindness activity was shared with the participants to inspire acts of kindness and express gratitude to special people in the neighborhood. This event and interview was televised by two local stations in the Binghamton area.


Walk to Remember

Nathan’s Butterflies participated in “A Walk to Remember” to support parents, children, family members, friends, and healthcare professionals at the Vestal Coal House on October 14, 2024. October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. This annual event is hosted by UHS and has been an opportunity to share our story as a family as well as the power of kindness in the grief journey. Ben was proud to act as a speaker at the first event in 2018.

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CHOW Food Drive

A CHOW food drive with Vestal Little League started in 2022. This annual event has been very successful in providing food and donations for our community food bank. It is scheduled during the playoffs; nearly 5,000 meals and $1500 in cash donations have been collected.


Come and Play Day

Nathan’s Butterflies was proud to support Binghamton University Community Schools at the Come and Play Day. Nathan’s Butterflies’ table included resources that provide ideas for opportunities to practice empathy and kindness, which complimented the activities presented by the BU Community Schools representatives.

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