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Our Story

After Nathan's death, Ben found his own way of addressing his grief by "doing good for others." His first act of kindness was helping to deliver Nathan's clothing and diapers from his nursery to Wilson Hospital's NICU. He wanted to help the babies he saw in the nursery when Nathan was born. Ben recalls how difficult it felt to enter the hospital so soon after Nathan's death but how good it made him feel with this kind deed. He asked his mother to start a Facebook page, and a card was left with each random act/ Shortly thereafter, at only six years old, Ben seemed to understand the need for support for other families at Mercy House, our community non-profit hospice in-patient organization. He asked for help to see their "wish list" and made a visit to ask how he could help. Parents and grandparents became part of his "butterfly crew" so they could feel good too! A grieving six-year-old was leading his own family in their bereavement.​

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Our Mission Statement

Believing that kindness is learned through experience, Nathan’s Butterflies, Inc. aims to inspire children by providing support to children and teens in the implementation of kind acts.  


Our Purpose 

The goal of Nathan’s Butterflies, Inc. is to promote a lifestyle of kindness and compassion.
Sensitive to the needs of children and teens who are grieving, we remain diligent in the promotion of efforts to address bereavement care for children and teens.

Meet our Board Members 

Ben Cucci - Founder & Honorary Junior Board Member 

Frances Bidwell - President

Alfred Bidwell -  Vice President

Laura Holbus - Secretary

Peter Holbus - Treasurer

Lauren Cucci - Board Member

Katie Hillis - Board Member


Sponsors & Community Partners 

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