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Who is Nathan?

On July 27, 2016 Nathan Frederick Cucci was born, entering the world without a whisper and catapulting our family on a journey we never imagined would be ours.  We were blessed to have nine precious days with Nathan before he had to leave us.  In his brief time here he touched so many.  Through his roller-coaster NICU course and after his death we have been lifted up and supported by our friends, family, and community.  The kindness extended to us carried us through our darkest days.  In paying that kindness forward we found that doing kind deeds lifted our spirits, and the ability to touch someone else's life in honor of our sweet Nathan allows us to extend his mark on the world.

Nathan's Butterflies

Promoting Acts of Kindness

Nathan's Butterflies is a 501 C (3) charitable non- profit organization recognized by the NYS Attorney General's Office and the IRS.  Our goal is to spread kindness to honor and remember Nathan.  We strive to inspire others to seek opportunities to share kindness in their lives.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for children to experience the magical powers of empathy and kindness.  One kind deed starts a ripple that can touch so many!


Contact Nathan's Butterflies

32 Maryvale Drive
Apalachin, NY 13732


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Why Butterflies

Nathan's big brother Ben, who was six when our journey began, created the idea of Nathan's Butterflies.  Shortly after Nathan died we started seeing a white butterfly at moments we really needed some love and attributed them to Nathan always looking out for us.  Ben suggested we could do kind deeds for others and give them a "butterfly" too... a little something that made them smile.  Who could say no to that?  Ben thought it would be fun to create a Facebook page to see if we could track how the kind acts spread.  We added the Facebook link to the cards we would leave with a kind deed.  To our surprise it has become much bigger than we ever dreamed!  Kind deeds in Nathan's honor have reached many different states and even as far as Australia!  We discovered the power of kindness through our journey and continue to reap its benefits by sharing it with others through this organization.

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