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Nathans Butterflies on Channel 34

Ben Cucci was interfiewed on Channel 34 Binghamton New York. 

Check it out here 

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Ben, founder of Nathan's Butterflies receives Fred

A Tioga Hills Elementary student who is changing the world one kindness at a time caught the attention of Senator Fred Akshar and his Akshar's All-Stars program. Ben Cucci, a fifth- grader from Apalachin, was recently selected as an Akshar All-Star, and received a T-shirt and framed certificate from the Senator.

Ben is the founder of Nathan's Butterflies, a nonprofit that pays it forward with random acts of kindness in the community, "I wanted to do something to help remember Nathan," said Ben, who was only six years old when he lost his little brother, Nathan.

"I came up with random acts of kindness, and it kept getting-bigger.' -  Ben and his "Butterfly Crew" have helped provide school supplies, set up a "Little Free Library" in the school's butterfly garden, provided face masks and hand sanitizer for 55 boxes filled as part of his 5th Grade's annual Community Box Project to benefit patrons of the Apalachin Food Pantry, supported local food drives, and much more.

As part of the goal of Nathan's Butterflies to not only spread kindness, but encourage others to commit - their own kind deeds, they have a Facebook page where people paying it forward share their own acts of kind- ness.

"The kindness inspired and spread (-by Nathan's Butterflies have spread across the country and even across the globe," said Senator Akshar in a re- cent press release. "If more people thought like Ben, the world would be a much better place” To see Ben receive his Akshar All-Star Recognition, go to

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Local food pantry receives funds from Nathan's Butterflies

Nathan's Butterflies was able to help the local food pantry with funds.

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Ben delivering supplies to local school

One of the several kindness projects it supplies schools with needed supplies.

Donating time and items to people who are in need seems to be in our families DNA. We naturally gravitate to doing things for others. When our daughter, Lexi, was born, we wanted to instill those values in her at an early age and apparently, they have stuck! This Christmas season, she came to me one day wanting to give away some items that she no longer needed/wanted. I asked her if she wanted to maybe turn that into a bigger project and donate to an organization. She jumped at the chance and when an opportunity came up to send items to St. Jude’s Hospital, she right away knew she wanted to help those children. We knew that a small donation would be nice and would be appreciated but we wanted to be able to reach more kids. We were able to team up with Nathan’s Butterflies who graciously offered a generous donation that allowed us to purchase almost 100 items to be shipped to St. Jude’s Hospital for the holiday season. We hope this is the beginning of a great relationship with Nathan’s Butterflies and allow Lexi to expand this project to not only send more gifts but also encourage her classmates to join in and to help spread kindness to children who deserve it the most.

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